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Deconstructing “DOOL” from February 10 – 14:

This week in Salem was a mixed bag with love in the afternoon along with all that adventure and scheming. The combination made it a great week overall.

Cats and lovers.
Things heated up between Jordan and Rafe when Rafe’s bout of jealousy over thinking her cat Arthur was another man made them both realize they were in it and deep. It was a really sweet scene and so fun that Jordan drew it out for a while. They wound up in bed but their love scene was more ‘meh’ than hot. Now that they’ve been to bed it stands to reason that Kate will get some dirt on Jordan soon. Ah Kate… The woman has a million and one things to do that are her business and yet she still finds herself stuck in the most precarious positions. That scene of her under Jordan’s bed was pretty funny. Will Lucas be able to stay out of her schemes?

Bunny boiler?
Abigail, who dresses better than most 50 year olds, ignored the obvious…that EJ’s heart is still with Sami, and allowed herself to somehow fall for him fast. It’s not clear yet if EJ woke up more than her dormant libido. We get that she’s young and when you’re young you don’t look at the whole picture but we couldn’t help being disgusted with her anyway when she helped EJ and Johnny bake cupcakes and didn’t run for it once she realized EJ’s home life doesn’t just include Samanther. Instead of running from him, her libido went into overdrive and all she can think about is wanting him though she knows it’s wrong. She needs to grow up because what we want isn’t always what is best for us or everyone else. EJ cares for Abigail obviously but he obviously isn’t falling in love with her. Still, with Sami leaving, things could change. That or Abby will get hurt badly and turn into a bunny boiler. Either way it’s a provocative and thought-provoking storyline.

Time for everyone else but EJ and the kids.
Both Sami and EJ don’t seem to have time for each other or their kids. Johnny was forced to make cupcakes with Sami’s fiancé’s mistress and Sami can’t seem to get to work without yet another urgent issue that involves Nick coming to a head. She never made it to the office all day Valentine’s Day. Why not take time off until she gets her crap together? If Ciara’s acting out because her father is never around, when are Sami and EJ’s kids going to start? I can’t tell if Sami’s finally ready to move on from her issues with EJ. I was hoping she’d take him to bed to show him she still loves him on Valentine’s Day. She’s seriously naive if she thinks the man isn’t close to combusting. She’s not being written very sympathetic which is different from the usual cheating storyline in soaps. Even when she gushes over how much she likes and trusts Abby it looks too forced and doesn’t exude sympathy. It’d work better if she had interacted with Abigail in the past. That way we could see things a little less… grey.

When Valentine’s Day came to Salem and EJ gave Sami a diamond necklace to match her diamond earrings, all he got in return was a kiss. Valentine’s Day can really blow for men sometimes…

Instant arse. Just add alcohol.
Brady’s bitterness and betrayal must be his way of unconsciously or consciously masking his hurt feelings. Part of him must still love Kristen in order for this to hurt so much. It’s understandable. We can’t turn our feelings off like a faucet. It’d help if he spoke to someone or went to the gym and pounded on the punching bag. Maybe it’d help lower his alcohol intake. It’s a little odd to me that everyone’s calling him an alcoholic when he always drank and did fine with it. I know if you’re an addict you shouldn’t touch any type of drug which includes alcohol but why wasn’t anyone on his case when he drank before this happened? Possibly because he appeared to have it under control? I know some are growing weary of his drunken state but not rushing this storyline too fast is adding to the reality of it.

Nicole and the priest.
It was a bit of a letdown that Eric didn’t kiss Nicole properly when he let her know he has asked to be released from his vows but probably for the best to wait until it’s official. You know, in case it doesn’t happen! Many are wondering why she didn’t tell him about the evidence she acquired to prove his innocence. I was surprised as well until I remembered she is Nicole, and as I stated last week, she’ll do what she can to hang on to her man. It’s good to see the writers have kept her true to her character yet she’s struggling with her decision which shows she has changed considerably, but who wants a completely goody-goody Nicole? She was brought to Salem to stir things up and that’s what we love about her. It’d be like making Sami into a Stepford wife. Would be awful. Probably funny, actually.