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Deconstructing “DOOL” from February 3 – 7:

There was a little drug and alcohol pushing going on in Salem this week which gave it an 80s vibe. EJ’s drinking more these days though not as much as Brady, who is savouring every drop of alcohol as though it’s the last one in the world. While the priest attempted to get his life in order, some of his parishioners attempted to get it on in the shower. Nicole went all James Cagney on Dr. Chyka, only instead of calling Chyka a dirty yellow-bellied rat she called him “fat face.” Yep. Fat. Face. Hilarious. On with the blog.

Resident booze-hound.
Maggie made me tear up when she said goodbye to Brady before he left the mansion for seclusion at Daniel’s pad. She looked so helpless and sad. She’s been his AA sponsor for decades or something. He seemed to start to gain a bit of control this week against his addiction but heard from John and ran home to guzzle a few ounces. This is probably why Maggie suggested rehab. Abe should have told John to deliver his own mail. Brady’s scenes with Theresa were actually funny and we saw a little chemistry, too. Then he got blitzed and quoted the bible. Yep.

EJ’s drinking more these days and looking sad, lonely, and a little petulant. Some fans have a theory that EJ is an impostor because he’s cheating on Samanther. You know, because he’s always had such a good moral compass. Some didn’t see this coming which is surprising considering EJ and Abby have been bumping into each other all over town to discuss Jack, the necklace he gave his daughter, and blah blah blah. There’s only one reason the writers wrote those scenes. Sami and EJ have never been in an actual relationship so this is all new to them but if we recall, EJ cheated on Nicole with her sister Taylor and EJ cheated on Nicole with Sami during their grief sex. And with the way Sami was behaving at the gym talking about what Sami wants Sami gets, I was ready for EJ to get back in the shower with Abigail. Yep. It’s not shocking that Sami can’t tell when her man’s stepping out right in front of her face. She lived with RoboRafe for months and didn’t notice much was amiss. She’s often in Sami-land which is why she overlooked Abigail’s shoes and bra which were in plain sight. One wonders what Freud would have to say about that.

Though I don’t believe in Karma, I’m surprised more soap fans haven’t thrown that out to describe what’s happening to her. It doesn’t really matter because it doesn’t look like EJ’s falling for Abigail. She’s a dalliance. As for Abigail, she hasn’t even mentioned Sami and EJ’s children together which is unusual since she’s so good with the kiddies of Salem. If EJ and Sami’s kids’ feelings don’t put a damper on things for our little home wrecker, who knows what will. Nearing the end of the week we saw the stress the affair is having on her – or did we? Either Abby’s more concerned about losing a cheque than screwing Sami’s man or she’s projecting. I’m seeing Abby as a little girl in way over her head.

This scene gets my vote for most realistic: Matt (of the former SOF Matt’s Musings) asked, “Did EJ just run the cold water to get rid of his erection?” Yep!

It was difficult to decide whether to snicker or be worried when Abigail said this to EJ, “When Sami walked in we were making love, and I think that that actually has a lot to do with you and Sami.” Making love? A true babe in the woods. Vote on what Abby should do regarding EJ in this week’s Days of our Lives poll.

Gossip girl:
Abigail surprised me by telling Adrienne to stop gossiping about seeing her with EJ to her mother. I’m torn between thinking she just gave Adrienne reason to take a closer look at her and EJ and wanting to give Abby kudos for defending herself. If Adrienne has concerns she can take them directly to Abby or shut the hell up. As it is, Jennifer’s got her hooks into her children’s lives way too much without Adrienne’s help. We all know Jennifer has good reason to mistrust JJ and since he lives under her roof he must abide by the warden’s rules but getting all up in his grill when he “disappears” for a few hours is a little over-the-top.