Go away.

You could almost hear the collective groan rise up when Nick walked into the church for Arianna’s christening, tempered only by Julie’s wildly enthusiastic joy. Quite a few people would have preferred never to see Nick again, but in Salem, you can never tell who from your past will turn up again and again like a bad penny. In fact, chances are the more you detest someone, the more likely they are to pop back into your life.

Of course, Nick is only the latest to darken Salem’s door with a less-than-welcome arrival. Jordan is dealing with Cheryl’s sudden appearance from Atlanta, putting a crimp on her secretive reinvention, while Kristen’s return last year put Marlena’s life in a total tailspin. Vote in our Soaps.com poll about which resident’s arrival was most memorable, and if we missed one, post it in the comments.