Old man river.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, Soaps.com takes readers back to 1975 when “Days of our Lives'” Julie Olson’s son David Banning was presumed to be dead in Salem…

Julie is currently dealing with the strange reappearance of her cousin, Nick Fallon, whom some believed had died in the river, but back then it was Julie’s biological son, David, who was thought to have perished…also in the river. David, who was raised by Scott Banning, had returned to Salem hoping to collect his inheritance from Julie’s mother, his maternal grandmother, Addie Horton. He and Julie previously hadn’t had a good relationship, but they began to get closer, which caused his girlfriend, Brooke Hamilton, to become jealous. Hoping to turn David against Julie, Brooke told him that his mother had had a scandalous affair with Doug Williams and had become pregnant with his child. David refused to believe the accusations until he spotted Doug with Julie and assumed it must be true.

It was the fallout from this disturbing news that led to David going into the river and later being pronounced dead when his body couldn’t be found. Do you remember how he wound up in the river? Vote in our “Days” poll: