Guess who is alive! (NBC Universal Inc.)

Deconstructing “DOOL” from January 20 – 24:

We certainly saw an abundance of flashbacks this week but the biggest highlight other than someone taking snapshots of EJ cheating on Sami was learning Nick really is alive!

EJ and Sami saga.
Sami was thisclose to forgiving EJ and moving on. She admitted she let his family come between them and took his love, support, and “loyalty” for granted and was ashamed. I can agree with a few points but not entirely. It was a bit of a surprise and felt a little forced. The Sami we know always defends her reasons and especially with family – as she should. This was unnatural – said just so they could momentarily make up only to fight and get back to square one at the hospital when she learned Kristen’s henchman attempted to kill her brother. Bleh. It’s hard to see how these two will resolve this especially now that we know Alison Sweeney’s leaving.

We’re still no closer to finding out who took those photos of Abigail and EJ kissing at the cabin. My first guess was Nick. I am not sure there is anyone else who would care. If EJ really does want Sami in his life, why meet Abigail in the same secluded spot he cheated with her at? As soon as I ask, now that we know Sweeney’s leaving I wonder if EJabby is going to be written as more than just a fling. This is exactly why I dislike knowing what’s going to happen months in advance. It ruins the character and the story for me.

I keep having to remind myself that Gabi’s essentially supposed to be a good person but the whining and whimpering and droning on about Nick is starting to get to me. I’m with EJ. I don’t really have the patience for her and Abigail’s coming off more and more neurotic each episode as well. It’ll be nice to see this story wrapped up! February Sweeps is on the way…

Hot flashes save the day.
I love how a woman’s hot flashes are essentially what prompted Daniel to save Eric and Nicole’s lives. I guess the flashes were so strong even opening a window in the dead of winter in Salem wouldn’t help! It was a funny bit of reality thrown into an otherwise serious situation. Not that I’m poking fun at a woman’s hot flashes which aren’t funny for the woman going through them! Brady sure felt guilty for ignoring Daniel’s frantic calls while he was binge-drinking and planning to take off to Vegas. It’s true, if he hadn’t ignored the calls he may actually have gotten a clue when he saw Eric’s rosary fall from Chyka’s pocket.

Eric finally professed his love for Nicole in a moment that we flashed back to 394 times. Now what? He’s going to live; he wants to be a priest. He sadly can’t be both. He’s got some soul searching to do. My only beef: After months of waiting, we didn’t get that one glorious kiss that Nicole would flash back on for weeks to come. It’s a bit of a let-down!

Did anyone notice the eye contact Daniel and Nicole made when she was released from the hospital? Does this mean they could get close while Eric’s searching for answers? Ruh roh!

I just don’t like Jordan. I think Rafe could do better. She’s a bit of a mousy drip now, isn’t she? And Sheryl’s not a heck of a lot different in personality. Sort of bland. It’s been nice seeing Rafe and Lucas’ friendship develop a bit but couldn’t their dates be just a little more fiery? Not Sami or Theresa cray but I thought Jordan was a little snarkier.