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Deconstructing “DOOL” from January 6 – 10 :

I’m back! Special thanks to Dustin Cushman for blogging for me while I was on holiday! Salem’s sure been a hotbed of scandal and mayhem, just the way any good soap should be. It’s not even sweeps and there’s so much soapy goodness. I’m caught up on what went down in Salem while I was on holiday and will only mention two things: EJ and Sami’s confrontation, which was so chalk full of emotion I found myself feeling as though I was sitting in the DiMera living room with them and experiencing their heartache. And those scenes with our resident druggie, Brady? So intense. All of the actors were killing it in their scenes. Brady looked sickly, skeevy, and his demeanor as an addict was spot on. The big fight between him, his brother and Daniel was shocking and I felt so much for Brady in the aftermath – despair, pity, and even annoyance. Nicely done.

On with this week!

This is how we like our soaps – with soft porn music playing in the background and the smell of desperation and sex in a rustic old cabin in the woods. It’s so deliciously good to shake things up in soaps. Otherwise we’d be bored numb. EJ and Abigail were freaking hot. So hot. Abigail who is normally quite the bore with a stick up her bum – much like her royal mother, flew her freak flag for the second time since she made it appear as though a very much married and older Austin Reed got busy with her. Obviously it feels pretty good to have a handsome older man attracted to her and she appeared to be vulnerable after getting that text from Cameron. But wait… why is she vulnerable again? She and Cameron really had nothing. They just started to date and she wasn’t even that into him. If she was she wouldn’t have strung him and Chad along all those months. She made a colossal mistake and if Sami finds out oh boy is she in for the catfight of her life. In a fight with Sami vs Abigail I’m pretty sure we can all agree Sami would win!

As for EJ, desperate times call for desperate actions. Or do they? Though EJ has done just about anything to clean up Sami’s messes did he really do Abigail in order to keep her from going to Hope about Gabi’s reaction to that “Nick” text? Could it be that if EJ had been getting some from Sami he mightn’t have strayed? I’m not excusing his behaviour but merely suggesting that he was vulnerable, horny, and had sex with Abigail because she was difficult to refuse. Three times he tried to walk away but she kept insisting. If he and Sami weren’t on the outs, he may not have been taken in. We certainly saw this coming. He and his intended’s cousin have been bonding and he is lonely. He’s not even 10 years her senior so it worked. Course… it was a mistake. This is a huge hurdle for EJami to overcome and they’re not yet married. It’s doubtful it’ll be their end and for those beside themselves with grief over this, sadly, that old school thought that supercouples still exist really doesn’t apply in today’s soap operas. Sure EJAbby was bloody hot but as soon as it was over her whining turned me off. “You took advantage of me,” she whined to him. Holy. He walked away three times and she launched herself on him yet accused him of taking advantage of her?

I think EJ and Sami will survive it eventually like some of the best couples in soaps have in the past such as Bob and Kim on “As The World Turns,” Nora and Bo on “One Life To Live,” and so on.

Course as Matt says, “Then there’s the whole pregnancy thing. EJ’s seed is so magical that if he shot it into the clouds you could make it rain in the desert.” Worse. If Abigail is pregnant, which brother’s baby would it be?!