A sweet kiss at midnight. (NBC Universal Inc.)

Deconstructing “DOOL” from December 30 – January 3:

Happy New Year “Days” fans! Dustin Cushman filling in again for Christine Fix, who will be back from her vacation next week. This week was New Year’s in Salem, though New Year’s Eve seemed to be lacking in shocks and surprises in comparison to years past.

Club “Still Needs A Name.”
Club TBD was the scene for this year’s unmemorable countdown, with Sami, E.J. and others having to help out a swamped “T” run the place while Will and Sonny were caught up with the whole “Nick’s dead” drama. The fact that they still haven’t given the place a real name seems silly, especially if you missed the single show that explained the name means “To Be Determined.” After that party though, the club might end up going out of business. Next year let’s hope they return to the pier or Horton Square, at least we always knew something exciting would happen there. This whole story seems to be an attempt to recapture the days of Wings, Doug’s Place and Blondie’s, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Brady gets high… again.
While some fireworks did go off in the night sky, they weren’t as high as Brady was. The week started off with Dr. Dan, Eric and Nicole all confronting Brady about being back on drugs. Brady tried to convince them that he was totally clean before going completely insane and threatening Nicole’s life with a bicep grip on her neck. Even after this display, for some reason the gang seemed to believe that the intervention worked when Brady promised to go to a meeting and get help. Hello! Dan’s a doctor, Nicole’s a former addict, and Eric was a priest who counseled troubled people. Why on earth would they just take Brady’s word? Eric at least used his smarts to check up on Brady to see if he went to a meeting, which he didn’t. Predictably he only headed straight for the park to buy more drugs. Given the fact that everyone in Salem seems to know this park is the place to score drugs, shouldn’t these drug dealers find a new place to conduct business?

By the end of the week yet another intervention was underway, after Brady got mugged in the aforementioned park and saved by Dr. Dan. Maggie was brought in, but even her usual powers of persuasion weren’t enough to convince Brady to get clean. If getting mugged and Maggie’s yapping aren’t enough to help him, Brady may just be doomed!

Hiding in the closet.
Will came barging out of “the closet” and learned the truth about Nick’s death, sending him into a panic. Perhaps if the Salem P.D. would monitor this closet they would be able to solve all crime in Salem. Will has been wrestling with his conscience all week over keeping this huge secret. Not only does he think they should all go to the police and turn themselves in, but he has been fairly judgmental of Gabi and the others. Normally I’m a huge fan of Will, but I just wanted someone, anyone to smack him upside the head. Can someone please remind Will that he shot E.J.! Someone remind him that Lucas went to prison for him, and that Sami, Sonny and others were there for him when Nick was blackmailing him. As Stefano brought up the little fact that he still had that evidence on Will, it’s probably a safe bet that all of their secrets are going to come out. When that happens they all aren’t going to be able to hide in that little closet.

Nick’s text messages, or lack thereof.
Though the evidence of Nick’s “death” is being contained by E.J. as best he can, even he can’t keep the fine citizens of Salem from wondering where Nick is. Abigail has clearly inherited her father’s nose for being nosey, and is starting to question why Nick is not answering her texts promptly. She’s determined to go to Hope with her concerns about him. Add Abigail to the long list of kids in Salem who Hope should hire to the police force, as they are the ones who seem to have a knack for uncovering anything. If Abigail happens to meet up with that persistent Percy, those two will crack the case wide open, because we all know the Salem PD won’t solve it without help.