Driven to drink.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1977 when “Days of our Lives'” Mickey and Maggie Horton had adopted a daughter, Janice Barnes…

Maggie recently brought an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting to Theresa Donovan’s door in Salem, but back then, it was Maggie herself who had need of AA. The trouble started in 1978 when their adopted daughter’s biological mother, Joanna Barnes, took Janice away from Mickey and Maggie. Janice and Joanna were found, and the child was returned to her adoptive parents, however Joanna wouldn’t go away. Joanna’s insistence on staying in Salem to be close to Janice drove Maggie to start drinking heavily. Eventually, Maggie had an accident with Janice in her car and they both wound up in the hospital. Maggie was arrested.

Maggie joined Alcoholics Anonymous after the incident, but she fell off the wagon as the time drew near for a custody hearing regarding Janice. Maggie panicked over the idea of possibly losing her child to Joanne in court and took off with Janice. Do you remember why they eventually returned? Vote in’s “Days” poll: