In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1998 when “Days of our Lives'” Kate Roberts was involved in a murder…

Kate is currently part of a murder cover-up in Salem, along with Gabi Hernandez and Sami Brady. Back then, Sami also played a role in Kate’s cover-up in the death of Franco Kelly, although not in the same way. Franco was shot by Lucas as he threatened Kate with a fire poker for threatening to turn him in to a mafia family that was looking for him. Despite the fact that Lucas was defending his mother, Kate told Lucas to run and instead framed Sami for Franco’s murder.

Lucas went on a drunken rampage, kidnapped his son Will, whom Sami had left with Austin Reed while in prison, and got into a car accident. Kate again went into damage control mode and decided that Lucas needed a wife in order to get custody of Will. She chose Nicole Walker. Do you remember how Kate got Nicole to marry Lucas? Vote in our “Days” poll: