Speaking of Superman. (NBC Universal Inc.)

Deconstructing “DOOL” from December 16 – 20:

Theme of this week is lying. JJ started the week off by lying to Jennifer about why he was in the druggie park, Theresa’s pants are always on fire but this week she lied to Caroline about hiding the present she was wrapping for her while she was really hiding her dope from her grandmother, Sonny’s nose grew a little when he lied to Will about what he overheard while eavesdropping on Sami, Gabi, and Kate, Nicole told a big fat one to Father Eric about being in a relationship with Daniel and then lied to sweet Father Matt that she had no romantic ideals for Eric anymore, Gabi lied to EJ about what Sami and her were conspiring about, and Ciara hasn’t learned her lesson the first time and is lying to Sami about having her diamond earring.

Nicole and her lies.
Nicole is so much more than just a needy liar. She’s also smart and talented and confident and it’d be nice to see “Days” write that for her more often. It’s getting tiresome seeing her constantly after a man, repeating the same mistakes, lying when the mood strikes. She and Jenn are just starting to get past their differences and instead of protecting her new friendship she’s lying about dating her ex. On a positive note, Father Matt is so sweet and thankfully on Father Eric’s side through this whole mess.

Suspension of disbelief.
I am curious about this procedure Father Eric went through. It seems very implausible though I really don’t understand exactly what Daniel did. Wouldn’t the toxins in Eric’s body be long gone by now?

On another note it looks like Eric’s going to start having feelings for Nicole if that dream he had of her is of any significance.

The show must go on.
In the New Year I’d love if the writers would either write Bo out of the show for good or recast him. If we can’t get Peter Reckell back, it’d be nice to move on. These fake phone calls from him aren’t cutting it anymore. Of course he’s not returning for Christmas. Was there ever any hope? And I’m not sure Bo would stay away from his family at Christmas. It doesn’t sound like him and reminds us of how Jack was written as ‘Jerk’ before he was written out of the show. I hope the powers that be don’t ruin Bo’s good reputation as a father and family man while telling this “story” of Bo gone rogue.

Jenn’s going to date another Superman. Already there’s no chemistry but then there’s not really supposed to be any is there? Isn’t poor Liam just around to pimp Dannifer? Even JJ’s pimping them now.