Blackmailing liar. (NBC Universal Inc.)

Deconstructing “DOOL” from December 9 – 13:

Salemites made it through another week of drug usage, blackmail, and covering up murder. By Friday, their leathers were at the cleaners and they broke out the leopard print.

The cover up.
Sami thinks her and Gabi’s nightmares are their conscience’s way of reminding them how horrible Nick was. Not likely. It’s more likely that the nightmares are their conscience’s way of working through the “murder” and cover-up. I’m using quotations around the word because we’ve seen no body.

It’s a good thing “The Three Stooges” didn’t tell Percy the bird watcher to mind his own business when he came upon them at the square and asked what they were doing in the wee hours of the night at the ‘beach’. I think if they had, it’d have made him suspicious. Keeping things light and fun and natural seemed their best bet even though he can still finger them for being at the scene of the crime once it comes out. And it will come out. It always does. It’s only been a few days and already Sonny knows. This is the most animated we’ve seen WilSon in…well…ever. Give us more of this, please.

Matt (of Matt’s “DOOL” Musings) watched Friday’s episode and when Roman turned up at Sonny’s place and shouted, “It’s the police!” he couldn’t believe Sami didn’t recognize Roman’s voice. Her own father. Then Matt pointed out, “Sonny leaves the window wide open on a windy day in the middle of winter so no one would notice someone was there?” Yep. Salem.

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The letdown.
Rafe letting Kate down gently – if that’s what it was, had to have been the most unusual way of letting someone know you’re just not into them that we’ve ever seen. And Kate seemed to take it rather well… so far. I felt embarrassed for her that she’s been hanging on without encouragement from Rafe. If she really wants Jordan away from Rafe she should just introduce her to Lucas. caught up with Chrishell Stause this week to discuss who Jordan really is, what she thinks of Rafe, if she’s afraid of Kate and how soon we’ll see more of Jordan’s mystery solved. Sadly, it’s not going to be that soon. Stause tells us, “Honestly, I would say that people need to be patient with the storyline because it is definitely not something that is going to be revealed very quickly.” Read the rest of our Interview with Days of our Lives’ Chrishell Stause.