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“Jordan does have a lot to hide. And once her feelings for Rafe get stronger she is going to have a lot to lose.”

Some characters are all about mystery, and when it comes to Chrishell Stause’s new character on “Days of our Lives,” mild-mannered Jordan Ridgeway, the secrets just keep piling up. Despite being slightly under the weather, Stause took the time to chat with about her warm welcome to Salem, Jordan’s relationship with Rafe (Galen Gering), and with which soap star she will be spending New Year’s Eve. How were you first approached about joining “Days?”

Stause: I actually found out through my manager that they were looking for a certain part and asking if I was interested in going in and looking into it. And then once I went in I realized they were actually looking for two parts. So, I found out through my manager. It has been a few years since you have been on “AMC.” How did it feel getting back in the soap world?

Stause: You know, I have to say that so much of the crew from “All My Children” were there! I didn’t know this but soon realized there were so many familiar faces from boom mike operators to camera operators to casting. It was crazy. There were so many people I knew already, so it kind of felt a little like a welcoming wagon when I walked into “Days of our Lives.” I knew some of the crew, I knew some of the cast, so it was a really great environment. Jordan is pretty mysterious, and with all of her ID cards wearing disguises, we think she is on the run from someone. Will it be long before we learn more about her background?

Stause: Honestly, I would say that people need to be patient with the storyline because it is definitely not something that is going to be revealed very quickly. What kind of person is Jordan? Is she the good person Rafe thinks she is?

Stause: Jordan is definitely working with a good moral compass. Whatever is working against her that she is fighting or running from, her job profession is to help people and bring them back from a terrible accident, so I think her moral character shows in her job profession alone. She really does want to help people and she is a good person, because it takes a certain type of person who wants to be a physical therapist and really heal people. Obviously some things have happened that she needs to run from or that she is afraid of. But she is clearly working with some good moral character and takes her job seriously. She gives some tough love but she gets results.