Clearing Eric's name. (NBC Universal Inc.)

Deconstructing “DOOL” from December 2 – 6:

This week the players were decked out in leather; the agenda was rape, murder, and drugs.

Was there a sale at the Horton Square on leather? Does everyone in Salem need to keep up with the Joneses?

Brady doesn’t think it’s possible to repair the damage to his relationship with his brother Eric after his girlfriend drugged and raped him. What?! This is all Kristen’s fault and there’s no reason I can think of that’s standing in their way except Brady’s pride. Maybe he can’t handle the fact that Eric’s right – Brady could have prevented it. That’s got to hurt. Maybe that’s why he lashed out and trivialized Eric’s faith. Their scene was fantastic as was the dialogue with Eric asking Brady not to treat him like a scapegoat for his pain and humiliation.

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Sami might have done well to bring EJ in on her secret with Kate and Gabi. He could hire (a decent) DiMera henchman to get rid of Nick’s things and make it appear as if the guy’s still alive so Hope doesn’t catch on. Bleh. I feel nasty thinking of ways to help the girls cover up his murder. I don’t think Nick deserved to die but if they want to do it right, the DiMeras usually have a way with getting away with everything. Kate’s no slouch either though she doesn’t have the DiMera clout. She does, however, find it easy to ‘sleep like a baby’ while Sami and Gabi struggle with their conscience in the form of nightmares! That’s so…Kate. The story’s still keeping me invested partially because of Kate and Sami’s bickering, but also because of how differently each woman is reacting to keeping such a dreadful secret.

Our running ‘a kid found evidence from a crime and kept it’ theme returned this week when Theo found Sami’s earring at the scene of Nick’s murder. In the past, Ciara found the photo of Kristen paying off that mugger and more recently, Parker found the flash drive with Kristen and Father Eric’s sex video. Why hasn’t Theo showed the ring to Abe yet? Is it a case of, ‘Finders keepers losers weepers’ or is he just into shiny sparkly things like the rest of us magpies?