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In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1988 when “Days of our Lives'” Jack Deveraux met Jennifer Horton…

Currently, Eric Brady is worried about a story being written about him in Salem, but back then, Jack was determined to put a stop to a piece being planned on him in The Spectator. In fact, he bought up half of the newspaper in order to kill the story. Jack also tried to blackmail his partner at The Spectator, Diana Colville, into selling him the other half. She refused to part with it at first, but later Jack was able to get it. College student Jennifer Horton began working at the paper, and that is where she and Jack first met. When Jennifer tried to help a homeless pregnant girl named Sally, Jack and Jenn ended up pretending to be married to give the baby a home.

Jack and Jennifer were only playing house, but they fell in love for real. Unfortunately, something happened that drove a wedge between them. Do you remember what came between them? Vote in our “Days” poll: