Is he really dead? (NBC Universal Inc.)

Deconstructing “DOOL” from November 25 – 27:

Another drama-filled week went by making “Days” November Sweeps must-see action. It’s Thanksgiving in USA and we’re thankful for Sweeps, that our soap is still kicking, and for all of our readers!

Thanksgiving comes to Salem.
While it was good to see a few Salemites celebrate Thanksgiving even in a small and ‘dorky’ way, I’ve never heard of a Thanksgiving party. The kids were cute and had fun and that should be all that matters except everyone else was fighting or pimping Dannifer which was off-putting. Mean ole Daniel made poor Parker leave the party minutes after they arrived because he didn’t want to make Her Royal Hortonness uncomfortable. Even after they’re broken up she still comes first. Does that make you want to pound your head on your desk? Or hers?

With everyone so tense this week, maybe they need another book club meeting…

Nick’s ‘death’.
This is a soap. Unless we see a body, it’s rather difficult to dismiss someone’s mortality but as it stands it appears Nick met his ‘end’ somewhat ironically. Years ago he and Willow Stark fought on the beach and she fell to her death on a sharp rock. A rock met his head and almost killed him but boy was that a great twist, having him alive as he hit the icy water. Kudos to the show for being able to keep that a secret!

Even with his warts Nick was one of those rare complex characters you have strong feelings about either way. Blake Berris always did a bang up job portraying him and I feel rather bittersweet about this turn of events. Then again, without a body who knows what could happen next!

It’s entertaining to see Sami and Kate (Kami) working together with Gabi but this is so incredibly bad! Sami just got out of jail for manslaughter. What is she thinking? She almost spent the rest of her life in prison and it was her idea to get rid of the body instead of recognizing Gabi was merely defending herself against Nick’s attack and calling the cops? Oh Sami! Since Kate heard the fight in the Horton Square and followed Gabi to the woods, she could easily have said she saw the whole fight and called it self-defense – which it was. But of course the comedy that ensued wouldn’t have happened and boy was it fun. They dragged poor Nick’s body around the woods, argued about what to do with him, Sami chipped a nail, leaving behind a nice piece of evidence, a diamond earring, and the tag from Nick’s bag, and to top it off, lied to some bird watcher about what they were doing in the woods in the dark. Like he will forget three beautiful women in the woods late at night!