Angry ex.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1986 when “Days of our Lives'” Kimberly Brady became engaged to Shane Donovan…

Kimberly and Shane recently returned to Salem to do an intervention on their daughter, Theresa. Back then, they were newly engaged and Kimberly was pregnant with Theresa’s older brother Andrew. The trouble was, Kimberly was worried that the child she was carrying could belong to Victor Kiriakis. Shane overheard her voicing these concerns and as a result he broke off their engagement. Tests were done to determine paternity, and Shane’s jealous ex-wife, Emma Donovan Marshall, tampered with the results to make it appear that Victor was the baby’s father. Shane and Kimberly took a trip to West Virginia, during which time she went into labor in a cabin in the woods, and Shane delivered the baby. They had been considering reconciling, but this shared experience cemented it – Shane pledged his love to Kimberly and her baby, despite believing it was Victor’s son.

Shane and Kimberly made plans to marry, which infuriated Emma, who plotted against her rival. Do you remember what Emma did to Kimberly? Vote in our “Days” poll: