Decked out in leather. (NBC Universal Inc.)

Deconstructing “DOOL” from November 18 – 22:

“Days” is moving along a little quicker right now with the exception of Jordan’s mystery, and we’ve a theme of the week! Purple, grey, and leather is trending in Salem right now. Matt of SOF Matt’s Musings pointed out even the hospital walls are showing solidarity. To show your own, you may want to change what you’re wearing before you read on…

Kimberly and Shane’s return.
Shimberly’s return to Salem to support their overdosed daughter was a nice albeit brief and peculiar visit. It did give Theresa more depth and shed light on her past with her mommy and daddy issues but overall it made her seem much younger than her mid-20s. Why Shane and Kim needed Jennifer Horton’s blessing to allow Theresa to stay in Salem was beyond comprehension. Seriously if Jennifer said she wanted Theresa gone, Kim and Shane would have taken her back to L.A. with them? Preposterous.

The visit would have worked better if Kim and Mr. Sheffield had originally brought Theresa to Salem and we saw one of their blow ups about her seeing the error of her ways. It’d have humanized Theresa a little to begin with and might have given viewers reason to pull for her, not that every character should be one we love. That’d be boring.

Jennifer’s hovering.
It’s really no wonder JJ got himself into trouble what with such a hovering mama. She needs to dial it down. Take a page out of Kimberly’s book and step back. I get that she’s thrilled she has her seemingly perfect guitar-playing son back but constantly talking about it makes me hyperventilate and I’m not even one of her kids. Imagine how JJ must feel! Maybe all the pressure to be perfect made him turn to drugs. Sometimes I want to do drugs when she opens her mouth.

Kristen screwed up all over.
Kristen spent more time working on Father Eric and keeping the priest from finding out she drugged and raped him than she did on actual work at DiMera Enterprises. EJ somehow didn’t notice until she left? It looks like he’s on his own fixing it without Stefano or Justin’s help. Who cares? Was this just to establish Justin’s boundaries with the DiMeras?

Is this for real?
Sonny learned that Gabi wanted to take the modelling job in New York and blew his stack. It happens, but what is uncool is how he keeps threatening to tell people about how she allowed her BFF Melanie to be kidnapped. If he’s going to tell her secret he should just do it already instead of threatening to each time things get rough. Is this what he’ll be like as a husband if Will marries him? Bleh. I feel for Gabi who had her life mapped out before she and Will had Arianna. While Will and Sonny’s lives are falling into place, it’s no wonder she wants to jump at the chance to model. It’s tough for single mothers. Still, there’s something about this perfect contract that seems bogus. I can’t help but wonder if it was faked by Nick and he hired that woman to pretend to be an agent from Sparkle. Maybe I’m reaching but it’s a pretty sweet deal and was written up before Casey and Gabi had a meeting. What do you think? Vote in our Days poll: Is Gabi’s modelling job phony?

Maggie is wasting no time in seeking a divorce from Victor. She is right. He used Marlena without a care and would do it all over again. I guess it’s good to know what you will and won’t accept. Sami should take a page out of Maggie’s book and figure it out fast whether or not she’s willing to forgive EJ. Course she won’t because then the writers won’t be able to write in the sexual tension! Can’t really do that with Mictor.

Poor Father Eric had to part with his collar because of Kristen. He was victimized and yet he’s the one who has to pay with his career – one that he excelled at. What a travesty. Who knows how he’ll clear his name. Who cares, really. For now it’s nice to see him out of that confounded collar. He looks good in real clothes and there’s a distinct shortage of man candy on the show right now. Matt says, “Part of Eric’s penance is that he has to wear his sister’s clothes because a sack and ashes wouldn’t have been degrading enough.” Sami does have that same grey leather jacket…and Maggie has the plumb version.