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Deconstructing “DOOL” from November 11 – 15:

Salemites are weeding through the aftermath of the horrors on the exciting yet scandalous ride that was the non-wedding. Some are seeking forgiveness while others are being held accountable. Basically, Salemites are still a mess.

The doghouse.
You know you’ve done something really cruddy when Red, the biggest meddler in Salem, is pissed. There were no high fives after Maggie realized Victor set Marlena, Eric, Kristen, and Brady up. The way Maggie sees it, Victor should have done all he could to show Brady the video before the wedding in private, and without stabbing Marlena in the back. It was mean, mean, mean, but Victor says the way it was done was of no consequence. It had to be done even if it hurt other people. I love the drama of it all. I’m not on either side in this. I see both sides of the argument and find it interesting that the focus has already been taken off of Kristen, the one who deserves most of everyone’s wrath, and put on Marlena and Victor. It’ll make for some drama in the coming weeks and months.

It was surprising that Marlena told Eric if she knew he was the man in the sex video, she wouldn’t have played it. She’d have “let Brady destroy his own life.” Ouch. Would she really have chosen Eric over Brady? This was actually a profound statement and I hope the writers plan on following up on this especially with John on his way back to Salem. Looks like there won’t be any reunion too soon for John and Marlena with what she did to his son. She’s not the only one in hot water. I’m unsure if Nicole will ever forgive Father Eric for his accusations.

That Brady thanked Victor for outing Kristen in a very public way was a nice twist. Brady’s right. Victor and Marlena’s reasons for playing the video at the wedding were very different. Victor did it out of love and Marlena, out of malice. Either way, it needed to be done.

The biggest victim in this and the man who has the most to lose was Father Eric. Father Matt believed Father Eric’s innocence, but it’s doubtful the bishop will. Even if he did it’s likely that collar’s coming off soon considering those parishioners at the wedding got an eyeful of their priest doing the nasty with the nastiest of them all.

He lost his bride, he lost Nicole’s friendship and we’re about to see Brady spiral downward which is no surprise after what he’s been through but he’s been here one too many times. It’s getting old. It’d be nice to see new life breathed into this character. Give him something else to do other than falling in love, losing in love and drowning his sorrows in a bottle of alcohol or a line of coke.

At least if he does want coke, JJ knows where they can find a dealer…

Kristen’s balls.
Kristen has more balls than anyone on the entire show. Possibly even Stefano. She actually lied about Father Eric doing half the parish! It was both entertaining and atrocious and her sendoff was great – room for a future return.