Salem surprise.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1993 when “Days of our Lives'” Kristen Blake DiMera had to make a choice between Tony DiMera and John Black…

Kristen’s latest plans for a Salem wedding to Brady Black didn’t proceed as she’d hoped, but back then, she went through with her wedding to Tony despite her feelings for John. Kristen and John fell in love when she first came to town in 1993, but she was forced to admit to him that she had promised a dying Stefano, her foster parent, that she would marry his son, Tony. She was all set to do so when Marlena’s daughter, Belle, went missing. At that time, Belle was believed to be Roman’s child, but it was John and Kristen who posed as a married couple to get her back. Ultimately, they discovered that it was Sami Brady who was trying to get rid of Belle. The shared experience brought John and Kristen closer together than ever.

Stefano was determined to come between Kristen and John so she would go through with her marriage to Tony. He made it happen by coming forward with information from Sami’s diary. Do you remember what he revealed? Vote in our “Days” poll: