Dazed and confused. (NBC Universal Inc.)

Deconstructing “DOOL” from November 4 – 8:

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of our Lives.” Happy 48th Anniversary Days!

This week was the lead up to the non-wedding. One man-sized moron (so mean!), Dominatrix Barbie and said moron’s ‘bride of the 90s’ stood by in horror as the sex tape finally aired for half of Salem to see. It was a long wait but worth it. Well. To us. Half of Salem won’t be thanking Victor or Marlena anytime soon for the lack of sleep that’s sure to follow when the images of the man of the cloth, boffing Brady’s intended invade their heads. What a week!

Move on, Kate.
Kate spent the week baking a nice double batch of her special brownies for her new friend Jordan to sample instead of revealing to Rafe that she’s still in love with him, getting the ‘we’re just friends’ speech and then moving on. Rafe has moved on as was made clear in that scene with Hope, and it’s official; Rafe really is as dumb as a stump about women. He told Hope he thinks the reason Kate hangs around all the time is because she feels guilty. Hope even alluded to Kate having feelings for him and he either chose to ignore her or didn’t catch on. Oh boy! He’s in it deep. Even his White Knight Complex has kicked in and though he doesn’t know it, I bet Jordan does need protection. We finally saw a spark of chemistry between Jafe when they argued over cookies in the park. After almost three lengthy months we saw the human side of Jordan. Maybe we can even start rooting for them. Matt says, “Who knew that it would take cookies to make Jordan seem like more than an android with a decent wig and a pair of Dollarama glasses? Did JJ bake some Ecstasy into them or something? Radan’s darting glances and desire to chew on a chocolate chip cookie was a sexual metaphor that was about as subtle as that weeklong episode of Carrie fanning her glistening cleavage until his eyebrows crawled across the room to sop up the sweat.”

It was great seeing Lucas catch on to Kate’s scam but she’s so far gone she won’t listen to anyone tell her to move on.

Beating the dead horse again, and again, and again, and again.
Jenn has every right to feel hurt over what she thinks Daniel did but it was difficult to hear her whine to Daniel about shutting her out when she demanded that he, her ex-boyfriend with whom she dumped, explain his reason for moving on with Theresa. Even though it hurt poor saintly Daniel to tell her off, it was so wonderfully validating to hear him say, “Now you know what it feels like.” It’d have been too easy to simply tell her Theresa called him while a drugged out mess and asked for a shoulder to lean on.

Moving Nicole into his apartment is going to probably land Daniel in a little more hot water with Jennifer. Let’s see. Two jilted people feeling lonely. There’s a recipe for naughtiness.

Father Eric and Nicole used the same scripts three or four times this month to rant at each other about his accusations and her desire to clear her ‘good’ name and I found myself wanting to knock their heads together repeatedly until they both canned it! Matt (of the defunct Matt’s Musings) says he wrote to the show and they informed him that some of their writers were eaten by zombies so past scripts had to be recycled. That’s Hallowe’en for ya.

Oh the hypocrisy!
Really? Sami was rocked to her core that Gabi had sex with Nick, “After everything that he has done to her?” Hilarious! Sami’s got to be the biggest hypocrite in all of Salem next to EJ, who was “horrified” that his sister drugged a priest and had sex with him. Really? Disgusted? Oh please! He’s only disgusted because Sami (too obvious with the foreshadowing) sees Eric as a hero. If it was anyone else he’d be elbowing Kristen and snickering at the sheer brilliance of it all. It wasn’t a surprise that he chose family loyalty over Sami though. That was fitting. He is a DiMera and should be written as such.