A big help.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, Soaps.com takes readers back to 1983 when “Days of our Lives'” Eugene Bradford offered help to Roman Brady and Dr. Marlena Evans…

The upcoming Salem nuptials of Kristen DiMera and Brady Black will no doubt be eventful, however, back then it was Roman and Marlena’s wedding that had some unexpected drama when Eugene Bradford’s sixth sense caused him to leap in front of Roman. Eugene’s actions ended up saving Roman’s life by preventing him from being hit with a bullet that otherwise would have killed him. Later, when Roman decided to rig his own death in an explosion, it was Eugene who volunteered his house for Roman to hide out in, though he warned Roman it was haunted by his late wife’s ghost. While there, Roman realized that the ghost was actually a computer hologram that Stefano was using to try and make Eugene believe he was crazy, so he could get his hands on the Bradford family talisman.

During this time, Eugene did something else to help make Roman’s death seem genuine. What did he do to make people believe Roman was really gone? Vote in Soaps.com’s “Days” poll: