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Deconstructing “DOOL” from October 14 – 18:

What should have been the biggest event of the year in Salem turned out to be more of a disappointment than anything. Not a lot happened aside from the shooting except a few predictable bits. I feel a big rant coming…

The shooting and the aftermath.
Good thing there was no hype for the bloody engagement party because the execution didn’t drum up much emotion. The two who appeared invested in the scene were EJ and Marge. EJ’s shock and anger had him begging to be shot but Marge had already deflated upon realizing she shot the wrong guy. Sami’s exchange with Stefano was bizarre, and who was the drunkard holding him back? The family turned their grief outward and played the blame game. Kristen charged at Sami for calling Jennifer instead of her yet said nothing to EJ or Stefano. She wouldn’t let up and it went on for a lot longer than it should have. Still. Even though the shooting itself was a letdown, it felt like a game changer for many of them. Stefano bartered with God and vowed to change. We’ve heard this before. Still, it was moving and good to see him admit he could have done things differently starting with testing Kate and pushing her into Ian and then Rafe’s arms. He even admitted that Sami was right that his actions led up to the shooting. Can Stefano change? Maybe we should be asking for how long this time?!

Sonny tried to donate blood which was strange considering there has been a ban on gay men donating blood for 30 years in USA. He must have known this! He came ‘thisclose’ to having his gay card revoked but lucky for him, he gave the sitter solid advice on her hairstyle moments before.

Sonny and Will went off to make sandwiches at the crime scene which blew my mind. The entire scene wasn’t just filler, it was a disaster. We learned Chad was Sonny’s ‘BFF’ – yes the very same guy Sonny was bashing the week before. It’s hard to feel anything for these characters when we’re being forced to believe something we’ve never seen to be true.

When Chad awoke, his first thoughts were to ask if anyone else was hurt but he never placed blame on Stefano. It doesn’t appear as if the shooting has made him rethink his life so far. He’s still bent on ensuring Abigail doesn’t find out that he lied to Cam about the tumor and he seems completely fine with his ‘best friend’ EJ blackmailing him into moving into the House of Usher. It sounds like he is a true DiMera now which should have happened a year ago. There’ve been so many chances for great storylines involving Chad and his siblings that the show ignored and instead they waited until the actor was on his way out before acknowledging his character. Wow.

Trouble investing.
I do not understand why “Days of our Lives” has had so much trouble writing a character consistently. We could never tell if Chad was going to turn out good or bad, EJ has been one extreme and then another, Jenn Jenn used to be strong but is now a wimp. Well, maybe with the exception of Friday’s episode where she went off the top ropes on Theresa. Abigail was fine until they turned her into a mini-Jenny, dressed her up in little Allie’s clothing and dumbed her down because she’s about to get her heart broken. Viewers want to look up to characters and many aren’t able to do that let alone feel much at all for them either way.