Good gone bad.

In Salem, there are definite good guys and definite bad guys, all with various layers to their debauchery. Almost everyone has a range of humanity that spans the spectrum, so the bad guys can surprise us with acts of kindness while the good guys can show their humanity by having lapses in judgment that make them do very bad things.

JJ was shocked to hear that his hero of a father Jack raped his aunt Kayla, but Jack isn’t the only good guy in town whose reputation is tarnished by some bad deeds. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that JJ’s own sister, super-straight Abigail, put Austin and Carrie through the ringer when she pretended she slept with Austin, and upstanding Brady once stuck Vivian in a sarcophagus.

So of all the dirty acts done by normally nice people on Days of Our Lives, which shocked you the most? Vote below and let us at know about any other out-of-character moments we missed in the comments.