Crazy jealous wife.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1991 when “Days of our Lives'” Dr. Marlena Evans found herself the target of an unhinged woman…

Currently, Marlena is dealing with the unstable and manipulative Kristen DiMera, but back then there was a different woman who caused her problems. Marlena, just back in Salem after being presumed dead for five years, had reunited with Roman after discovering the man she had been living with previously was actually John Black. She returned to work as a psychiatrist and began counseling Roger Lombard, the man who had hit her sister-in-law Kimberly while driving drunk. Unfortunately, Roger’s wife Stella became incredibly jealous of Marlena, and in her deluded state, came to believe they were having an affair. Stella captured Marlena and held her in the boiler room of an old warehouse that was scheduled to be demolished. Stella called and gave the police some clues to Marlena’s location before being killed herself.

John found Marlena but the warehouse exploded and they were trapped inside together. It was during this experience that their old feelings resurfaced. Do you remember who saved John and Marlena from their predicament?