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Deconstructing “DOOL” from October 7 – 11:

There’s a lot of unrequited love going around in Salem and much like last week, still some very miserable characters. Caroline had some great lines though and the party was both fun and tragic. It’s nice to see a few storylines being wrapped up. On with the blog.

Grieving Marge.
What a gripping storyline. Sami was so selfless and sweet holding Marge Bernardi when she broke down over her dead husband and fatherless son. EJ, however, was pretty callus about her sorrow which was a huge turn off. It’d have been better if he kept quiet and let Sami deal with the grieving widow. Poor Marge really needs help. Sami should have slipped her Marlena’s business card. Not that Marge would have used it considering we’d already seen a few red flags that she wasn’t coping. Grief can make even the most stable person go off the hinges. I know this opinion may be an unpopular one but honestly, Marge is the only character I’ve felt anything for in ages and it’s got nothing to do with the acting of everyone else which is really great. Whoever is writing for Marge is doing a bang-up job. *Spoiler* She shot Chad, though I wonder if she meant to or was she aiming for Sami?

Cameron’s persistence.
I really don’t get why Cameron was suspicious of Chad enough to go behind his back and call that clinic in Los Angeles to inquire if there were any clinical trials going on outside of the city for the treatment of brain tumors. There didn’t seem to be anything provoking this which made the confrontation scene lose impact. EJ was quick to handle this and did it with aplomb! Everyone needs a DiMera on his side and it’s been great to see the brothers connect, it only happened in one scene last week, so Chad calling EJ his best friend was…bull. It’s as if the writers don’t understand what ‘backstory’ means. Gah.

It was sweet to see Cameron and Gabi starting to date, even though I don’t remember Gabi asking Abby if she minded. By Abby’s reaction, I’m pretty sure she would have minded. Nick sure will. I can see him getting scary, and fast, as soon as he finds out.

Why the hell does Chief of Staff Kayla allow Her Royal Hortonness, Jennifer Horton, the head of PR, to stay home so much from work and without anyone substituting for her? She was home whining and moping because she didn’t know where JJ slept the previous night when it’s her fault that he had no place to sleep! Oy. All she did was offer him an ultimatum; home or the streets. As for Anne, if she wants Jenny’s job, she should offer to fill in for her whenever she goes into crisis mode. It happens almost on a daily basis!

Holy JJ.
I can’t imagine being in JJ’s shoes and finding out that your father who you’ve had up on a pedestal your whole life raped your aunt. Casey Moss has been doing a good job of making me loathe JJ all along but finally, something changed when JJ suddenly became someone we gave a crap about. I was moved by the storyline and the acting, and felt his pain when telling Kayla that he was so sorry for what his father did and then refused to give the rest a free pass. I’m sure after he simmers down he’ll see that it wasn’t anyone else’s place to tell him but boy does Jenn have a lot to answer to. Her ‘life got in the way’ answer as to why she didn’t tell him the truth was a bit flakey. At least she stayed firm and refused to give up on him. Her willingness to focus on him made their jail scene poignant. Usually I hate when she starts whining but during that scene I was rooting for her.

I’m not sure how to feel about this storyline with Theresa pretending she’s been hitting the sheets with Dr. Dan. It’s sort of been done to death. The nurse she chatted with about it looked positively greedy for gossip and practically drooled at the thought that Theresa may have “consoled” Dr. Dan when he and Jenn broke up. This means it’ll be around the hospital by next week.

Unrequited love.
Those interviews for Nicole’s replacement were pretty funny. Either candidate would have been fine. Though it was funny that Nicole refused the beautiful blonde, it also once again hit home how deluded she is in her feelings for Father Eric. Why would it make a difference if the woman was ugly or pretty? He’s a priest and not only that, if he was thinking of leaving the priesthood, he could find love anywhere.

It wasn’t any fun to see Nicole running after Marlena, acting like a lap dog begging for a crumb, wanting to help her take down Kristen, especially after Marlena was mugged, but in the end, it was worth the eye rolls because it was fun to see them working together.