In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1989 when Marina Toscano came to town and got involved with Victor Kiriakis…

Today, Kayla Brady is divorced from Steve Johnson and keeps busy as Chief-of-Staff at Salem University Hospital, but back then, she was shocked to see Steve’s presumed dead wife drop by for a visit. Marina came to town to form a partnership with Victor Kiriakis, who wanted the Toscano family treasure. Marina had agreed to help him find it, though she had no real intention of sharing it with him. Marina let Steve know she was alive, and that he hadn’t killed her while arguing on the boat years before as he had believed. She told him she would walk away to let him be with Kayla if he helped find a key connected to the treasure that she’d thrown overboard.

All of them went to search for the key in Italy. Marina found it and secretly had a fake made to give to Victor. Meanwhile, Marina hid the real key in Steve and Kayla’s house in Salem. Victor figured out the truth, but never had a chance to get the real key. Do you remember why? Vote: