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Deconstructing “DOOL” from September 23 – 27:

A word to the wise: If you visit Salem, don’t drink the water. It has properties that will turn normally level-headed folks into meddlesome citizens. Maggie, the cult leader responsible for training everyone to interfere, wasn’t seen all week. Fingers crossed she’s busy scouting the neighbouring town for a Meddlers Anonymous. Goodness knows there isn’t one in Salem…

Meet the meddlers:

Nicole accused Brady of turning into Maggie. Hello pot? Meet kettle. Nicole’s been interfering in Brady’s love-life for a while. She doesn’t know what the words ‘it’s time to back off’ mean… though, it does appear she may have come to a realization that she’ll never get anything but gratitude from Father Eric. It does not do to dwell on things we cannot have! With both EJ and Brady reminding her of this, one hopes she’ll take Miles’ offer, change jobs, and try to move on.

Victor pounced on Abigail and told her Jennifer was making a big mistake by ending things with Daniel. Not only does Victor not know the full story, he wouldn’t know healthy if it bit him on the ass. And Abigail should also stay out of her mother’s love-life and focus on her own.

Chloe returned to Salem, drank copious amounts of Salem water and turned into a younger, brunette version of Maggie. She peppered Daniel with questions about Jennifer and when she didn’t get anywhere she called her “friend” Anne Milbauer and got the scoop. Last time she was seen, she told Daniel she realized Anne wasn’t her friend. Suddenly, now that Chloe’s “healthy,” Anne’s her friend again? It makes no sense whatsoever. And since Daniel is nothing to her but Parker’s father, she should just stay the hell out of his love-life. It’s all part of letting go – something she said she learned from her new therapist. Actions speak louder than words.

Marlena didn’t focus on Sami’s dreadful time in jail except to ask Kristen to help her get EJ to allow her to have the kids stay with her during the trial. Otherwise, she made herself pretty scarce, yet she told Victor she’s been too worried about Sami and Kristen and now needs to focus on Eric. Right. She didn’t focus on Sami at all during her daughter’s ordeal that we saw. She was too busy prying into Brady and Kristen’s relationship. What about her own relationship with John?

Let’s take it to a vote to find out who you think the biggest busybody is!

Poor Father Eric. The priest was defrocked by a lunatic, and is plagued with naughty images of what went on in that hotel room. At least he’s closer to learning the truth. In Friday’s episode, it almost appeared he realized Kristen was the woman from his visions.