Extreme sibling rivalry.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, Soaps.com takes readers back to 1994 when Sami Brady was out to get her sister, Carrie…

Currently, Sami just happily reunited with her kids and EJ after beating a murder rap, but back then, Sami had lost in court when she pressed charges against Alan Harris, who had raped her. When Sami was raped, Carrie, his original target, was away romancing Austin Reed, despite the best efforts of Sami and Lucas Roberts to come between them. Sami was angry with Carrie, and blamed her when the court case went wrong since she was the one who had urged her to pursue it. Sami vowed to get back at her sister.

One night, Austin arrived at Titan Publishing, where Sami and Lucas were making love. Thanks to Sami’s machinations, Austin left devastated, believing it was Carrie who had been having sex with Lucas. Do you remember how Austin came to think it was Carrie and not Sami? Vote: