Jenn being assertive. (NBC Universal Inc.)

Deconstructing “DOOL” from September 9 – 13:

Things are still moving quite slowly in Salem with some repeated dialogue sprinkled in with the humour. Trials aren’t usually a fan favourite yet this one isn’t bad. Jennifer has finally smartened up while Nicole’s still getting involved in everyone else’s lives because there’s not enough drama at the convent, Theresa’s getting dumber and more desperate by the day, and we may have thought JJ would be scared straight but somehow it doesn’t seem to be the case. On with the blog.

Bloody insufferable.
This character desecration of Nicole stinks. Kristen yelled something that doesn’t seem to compute with Nicole these days: “Mind your own business!” We’re all yelling it. Even though Nicole is right about Kristen, the nagging and meddling has reached Defcon 1 in severity and is only causing me to root for Kristen. That’s not supposed to happen. What a complete turn off that so many of the female characters are being written like Naggie-Maggie. Has Stefano recently been working with Rolf to create a new version of Stepford Wives? I miss the old Nicole and am getting a sinking feeling that Father Eric will remember sex with someone and think it was Nicole. Gah. And how gross would it be if Father Eric was under hypnosis with his mother and detailed his sexcapade with Kristen? Ew!

Could we all be foiled?
A new poster on the Soap Opera Fan forums, whtrabbit, emailed us to say, “I think Bernardi is alive. Stefano has him tucked away and Marge knows about it.” Anything with Stefano is possible. Wouldn’t that be a kick? A nice twist is needed right now and this would work. What do you think? Could he be alive? Vote!

Weird. Just weird.
Daniel doesn’t have a baby monitor and Parker we assume, sleeps in a cage. He rattled his ‘cage’ to get Daniel’s attention instead of calling out, “Daddy,” and Daniel told Kristen that Parker does this to get his attention when he wakes up. Uh. Okay?

Daffy Gabi.
Gabi questioned Abigail about Cameron saying he had no time for Abby considering he had all the time in the world to strip. Um yeah genius. It was for work, to pay the bills from his student loans. Wait until she tries to make ends meet when the loan officers come-a-calling!

Overreacting before knowing the facts.
Will and Sonny acted like sanctimonious hypocrites when yelling at Nick for telling Kate Sami pulled a gun on him. We can’t blame a victim if someone pulls a gun on them and it’s certainly not his fault it came up in court. Even Sami knows she’s lucky Nick didn’t file a report with the police when she stole his money and property and then pulled a gun on him. Because she doesn’t think before she acts, Sami put herself in this predicament, not Nick. There’s nothing Nick can do but tell the truth on the witness stand just like everyone else. When Nick takes the stand it’s going to go just like everyone else’s testimony. Not well.

Creeper not creepin’?
Nick’s sending Gabi’s resume out in order to help her get a job? His heart is in the right place but no matter what he told Gabi, it’s still a touch controlling and really not up to him.

The actress who plays DA Melinda Trask is doing a bang up job of getting in everyone’s face and making them all hate her. I think this is the best DA Salem has had. Even Woods didn’t make me shake in my boots the way this DA does! Once Timmy’s inflated bank account is addressed will Justin urge Trask to check Bernardi’s cell for calls from Stefano? Likely by then Stefano will have paid someone off to cover his tracks if he hasn’t already.