It was a mistake.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1983 when Liz Chandler was trying to win back Neil Curtis…

Currently, Sami Brady is in hot water for shooting someone in a panic without knowing their identity, and back then, Liz did the same thing. Liz had given birth to Neil’s baby, Noel, while still married to Tony DiMera. Tony divorced her quickly once the child’s true paternity came out. Liz loved Neil and wanted to be with him, however he had married Marie Horton. Liz angrily broke into Neil’s apartment one day, and when he arrived they had an argument followed by a love-making session. Afterward, Neil was called to the hospital.

Alone in Neil’s apartment, Liz heard someone downstairs and picked up a gun. Assuming it was a prowler and that she was in danger, she shot the alleged intruder without knowing their identity. As it turned out, she knew the person. Do you remember who Liz shot?