Credit: Poor Rory. (NBC Universal Inc.)

Deconstructing “DOOL” from September 3 – 6:

This week dragged on just like the week previous and then got a wicked jump-start Friday with Sami’s trial about to start and Jennifer looking at her son without those rose-coloured glasses. Let’s break things down.

Lonely heart.
Sonny found a condom wrapper at the apartment and flew off the handle at Gabi for having sex with Nick of all people. Can’t blame Sonny but he should be thanking his lucky stars she had the foresight to use a condom so she doesn’t have yet another unplanned pregnancy. I get that Gabi’s lonely. It can’t be easy to be in her shoes, even though she does have Sonny and Will’s help, but Sonny and Will are right. For many reasons, she shouldn’t be with Nick but foremost, he hasn’t been through and has no intentions of going through intense therapy so he’s going to make the same mistakes. Poor messed up Nick. And as if he wasn’t creepy enough, what’s with the story he’s writing about Gabi – as Gabi? Matt says, “Maybe he’ll start wearing her clothes.” Oh one can only hope… “Maybe,” Matt says, “he’ll make a telenovela about her life using his computer cam and play all the parts.”

Sonny brought up Gabi committing a felony which makes me wonder if we’re going to revisit everything she did to Melanie soon. Will Gabi get hers? It appears we’re seeing a change in her demeanor suddenly what with her ferociously protecting her unhealthy relationship with Nick by threatening Sonny. I hope he tells Will.

Seltzer and Hitler.
Marlena was pretty funny toying with Kristen and spritzing her with seltzer in order to hack into her cell phone. Deidre Hall admitted the Cheney crack was ad-libbed. It was a bit shocking that she went there!

The jailbird’s inappropriate attire.
It all became clear why EJ was sending those tight cute mini-dresses for Sami to wear during her court appearances. He was tired of seeing Samanther in that fugly wife beater and needed some eye candy. He missed his fiancée. The letter he wrote was very sweet and heartbreaking. I feel for the guy but he’s truly not thinking lately, is he? He’s screwing up her case the same way he’s screwing with her wardrobe. I don’t like seeing him this way. Justin needs to get him to step away from Sami’s case and have Marlena bringing Samanther’s outfits. She needs to portray motherly innocence right now not bodacious babe. And what’s with the pretty locks? Do they have a stylist in prison? Remember when Kate was having chemo for lung cancer and she looked runway glamourous? Ridiculous.

I watched the scene after Sami shot Rafe and noticed a girl in scrubs kneeling on the floor talking to Kayla. She took something from the floor and wrapped it in a tissue before running toward the bathroom. It looked as though it could have been the razor.

Are the writers trying to redeem Adrienne in everyone’s eyes now? Is that why she’s the one who learned of the extra cash in tiny Tim’s savings account or is this too going to backfire for her once EJ gets wind of it and gives her the ole ‘stare down’.