Torn between two brothers.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1987 when Kayla Brady married Jack Deveraux…

Today, Kayla is divorced from Steve ‘Patch’ Johnson and working as the Chief of Staff at the hospital, but back then, she had married Steve’s brother, Jack, who had Hodgkin’s disease. Soon afterward, she was poisoned by Jack’s father, Harper, who was concerned that she’d found out Jack was adopted. Steve rescued her from the Deveraux household, and she wound up with Melissa Jannings.

Following the poisoning scare, Kayla and Steve began an affair. Jack found out, raped Kayla, and fought with Steve on a roof. Jack fell and ended up hospitalized and in a health crisis.

Jack and Steve’s mother, Jo, made a request of Steve at this time. Do you remember what she asked Steve to do?