Unjustly accused.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, Soaps.com takes readers back the early 1990s when Billie Reed was accused of murder…

Today, it’s Sami Brady fighting murder charges in Salem, but back then, Billie was charged with the murder of her own father, Curtis Reed. Billie, who had worked as a stripper and porn star, and who had been sexually abused by her father, had come to Salem and moved in with Carrie Brady. She had begun to get her life together when her presumed-dead father turned up in Salem. It wasn’t long before he was found shot dead, and Billie’s gun was the murder weapon.

Billie was innocent, and Carrie’s uncle, Bo Brady, stood by her throughout her trial. By the end of the trial, others were accused, including Austin Reed, Kate Roberts, and Lucas Roberts, and Billie learned that Kate was her biological mother. In the end, it was ruled that Curtis’ killer had shot him in self-defense. Do you remember who killed him? Vote: