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Deconstructing “DOOL” from August 19 – 23:

I spied on the Salemites once again this week for you from the shrubbery outside the DiMera and Kiriakis mansions, from the deepest corners of the new night club, while wearing borrowed scrubs in the corridors at the hospital, and disguised as a prison guard… all in order to get the scoop…

Lucy and Ethel? Thelma and Louise?
Anne and Theresa bonded over their hatred of Jennifer and shared some incredulous laughter over him dating Her Royal Hortonness. Anne gave Theresa tons of ammunition, regaling her with stories about Jenn and Dr. Dan’s breaks and break-ups. I was embarrassed for Dannifer to have their relationship scrutinized at the workplace enough by this point but Friday’s show had me cringing when Anne yelled at Jenn for taking her sweet ole time with Daniel’s big photo shoot.

Surprise! JJ and Anne have really good chemistry and their fight was pretty funny. I wouldn’t mind seeing this more often.

The portmanteau conversation between Maxine and the nurse was cute. What a great set-up to have JJ hear about his mother lying to him about her whereabouts. Some laughs and finally some good drama with these two we can get behind. Jenn’s anonymous letter to Daniel was so funny. I can’t believe she actually thought nobody would know she was ‘anonymous’ after listing off all the things Dr. Dan did to save her life, like the appendectomy on Smith Island! Priceless.

Conspiring together.
Who knew Marlena and Victor had great chemistry? This should make for some good times ahead with them working to bring Krissy down. For once, I think a DiMera could actually go down for their misdeeds.

Pregnancy ‘scare’?
What was that all about? Kristen’s not pregnant? Was she just stressed out, is she going through menopause, does she have a health issue or was this simply a means to get Marlena some dirt on her?

Sonny and Chad’s trendy new club TBD opened two weeks after Brent drafted up the plans. Renovations must have taken days. I guess the contractors didn’t want to mess around with a DiMera and a Kiriakis. There’s no resemblance to the old dive The Cheatin’ Heart, or even the bland Coffee Bean. It looks really good, and the opening night boasted humour, drama, and even an appearance from Stefano himself. It was so hopping that even Theresa and Vargas couldn’t ruin the good times. If I lived in Salem, I’d check it out.

Matt thinks it should have been called ‘SORAS’d’. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below and vote in this poll!

Nick getting obsessed again?
Nick and Gabi did have some unfinished business so it came as no surprise that they wound up in bed but Gabi was looking for comfort while Nick is looking for a reunion. Uh oh!

Rafe stuck in bed.
It’s still not easy to invest in this rehab storyline when there are so many opportunities for the character if he was back up on his feet.

Locked up.
This brings me to Sami being locked up. Fans aren’t really big on court or prison storylines and though this is a compelling storyline, we know there’s no chance Sami would be in jail for very long and fans really just want her back home with her kids especially after seeing Sydney telling everyone how much she missed her mommy.

Does anyone actually think Sami’s going to betray Elvis and take that plea deal?