Salem secret keepers.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1992 when Vivian Alamain’s adopted son Nikki came to town…

Currently, Kristen DiMera is the woman desperately trying to keep her secrets under wraps in Salem, but back then it was definitely Vivian struggling to keep her secret from getting out. The truth she was harboring from her nephew, Lawrence Alamain, was huge and life-changing. Vivian was hiding the fact that her adopted son, Nikki, was actually the biological son of Lawrence and Vivian’s sworn enemy, Dr. Carly Manning. Lawrence and Carly believed their son to be dead. Lisanne Gardner, a lawyer in Salem, found out the truth about Nikki, and decided that she would use the information to blackmail Vivian.

Vivian and Lisanne ended up in a confrontation over the blackmail attempt, and Nikki found himself in the middle of it. During the ensuing scene, something happened that ended the blackmail scheme once and for all. Do you remember what happened during the confrontation? Vote: