Former gang member.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back the late 1980s when Jennifer Horton began seeing Emilio Ramirez…

Today, Jennifer has her sights set firmly on Dr. Daniel Jonas, but back then, she began dating sexy Emilio after Frankie Brady left town. Unfortunately, Emilio had to skip town to avoid an attempted murder charge after messing with the brakes of Justin Kiriakis’ car in an act of revenge.

When he returned, he found Jennifer pretending to be married to Jack Deveraux. Although Jenn still had feelings for Emilio, she was also falling for Jack. Jenn’s cousin, Melissa Jannings, encouraged Jennifer to go for Emilio because she felt Jack would hurt her. Melissa didn’t expect to fall in love with Emilio herself, but she did.

Do you remember what led to Emilio and Melissa falling in love? Vote: