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Deconstructing “DOOL” from July 29 – August 2:

It wasn’t the most exciting week in Salem, but it had its moments. There were a few common threads, mainly people giving unsolicited advice, but by the end of the week things started to perk up and Friday’s cliffhanger left us looking forward to Monday. Let’s break it down.

Just when we started wondering where Vargas was, he popped up for two minutes to give Nick advice about not letting Jensen mess up his life again. Does that mean his storyline with Nick is wrapped up or will he return at a later date? Everyone’s giving Nick advice lately. Hopefully he takes it and gets help. It’s plain to see he and Gabi have feelings for each other but Maggie was right. He’ll keep making the same mistakes unless he deals with his past. Maybe Brady needs to be told this. Gabi also has some flirtation going on with Cameron but it’s early days. Plus, Abigail still needs time to stop stringing both Cameron and Chad along and decide who she wants. My bets are still on Chad, especially now that he will be irresistible because of the possible brain tumour.

Justin got to show off his legalese at the bail hearing. He has been on the show for ages and I don’t think I’ve really noticed him until now. He’s amazing. Great job of dusting him off and letting us see Wally Kurth and Justin shine. He’s really got his back up against a wall with DA Melinda Trask who not only has done her homework, she doesn’t seem to respect SPD which mirrors what we’ve felt over the years but she is taking it one step further and relishes putting Sami behind bars. It’s making for a lot of drama, and with Rafe possibly being called upon as a witness for the prosecution; it’s only going to get better.

Sami sure isn’t receiving preferential treatment in jail for being a cop killer. When she asked for water, the cop Abe hired to guard her dropped a bottle of water with three drops left in it just out of arm’s reach outside her cell. Everyone keeps asking why she doesn’t have a sink, but she does. She’s better off drinking from it.

Lucas visiting Sami was sweet and spoke to their history. Lucas is her one true friend. Sami’s really fortunate to have EJ on her side, too. Kayla says Bernardi likely didn’t die from surgery, so it stands to reason that someone at the hospital is on Stefano’s payroll who killed him after surgery and who knows Justin requested the body be exhumed. No surprises there especially since Stefano confirmed it over that mysterious call Thursday. I doubt they’ll get anywhere with this clue because it’s likely Bernardi’s remains were cremated or his body will go missing. It is Salem, after all. Thoughts?

JJ used his uncle Lucas to try to smooth things over with Jenn so he could get out of jail – I mean out of the house. It worked and he took the vial of ‘snow’ from Rory to give to Theresa who likes ‘skiing’ and then dumped it out in his pocket. He tried to get Theresa to snort his pocket lint and crumbs, but she wouldn’t hear of it. Yep.