More than friends.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1971 when Doug Williams first fell for Julie Banning…

Currently, Doug and Julie are a happy couple, but back then, Julie was having an affair with Doug while married to Scott Banning. Meanwhile, Addie Horton Olsen, Julie’s mother, discovered that Doug was actually an orphan named Brent Douglas. Addie and Doug became friends, but Addie wanted more. In 1972, following an argument between Doug and Julie, Addie proposed marriage and Doug accepted. He came to love Addie and they eventually had a daughter, Hope Williams, together. By 1976, Addie had passed away, having sacrificed her life to save Hope’s, and Doug and Julie became engaged.

Doug met Julie while working in Salem, following a stint in jail for a white-collar crime. Do you remember what job Doug held when they met?