Rocky road.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1985 when Calliope Jones became engaged to Eugene Bradford…

Calliope and Eugene currently reside happily in New York City, but back then their love faced obstacles. Eugene was required to marry a wealthy, high class woman in order to collect his inheritance. Calliope had no problem playing that role, and they were given permission to marry. Unfortunately, it came to light that Eugene’s mother, Vanessa Van Kessler, had already gone through the bulk of his inheritance. Should this have been discovered, Vanessa would have faced prison time, therefore, Eugene married a well-off woman named Madeline Rutherford in order to help his mother. During this time, Eugene also worked at the paper as an advice columnist. He often went in drag to keep up the pretense of being ‘Bettina Lovelorn’. When his deception was discovered he was fired and Madeline left him.

In December of 1985, Calliope was finally able to marry Eugene. However, in early 1986, not long after they wed, Eugene disappeared. Do you remember what happened to him?