Nasty prelude to sex. (NBC Universal Inc.)

Deconstructing “DOOL” from July 8 -12:

Special thank-you to Dustin Cushman for guest blogging while I was away. I’ve a lot to say this week and would love to hear your thoughts on the week we spent together in Salem.

Last week’s episodes:

What’s he up to?
I bought him not wanting to burn bridges but didn’t buy that Nick suddenly came up with a better formula than the one EJ stole from Kate. Just what did Nick give Kate?

Friends don’t flirt with their bestie’s boyfriends.
That being said, I really dug Gabi and Cameron’s chemistry. Abby should dump Cam, get with Chad, and Gabi can sniff around Cam.


“If it sounds like fun to you, don’t do it!”
I’m glad that Jennifer’s on to JJ’s manipulations but he still thinks he has his mother wrapped around his finger. Jenn did the unthinkable. She took away JJ’s lunch money and forced him to brown bag it when he was caught leaving school grounds. Oh no! What will become of him? JJ’s resourceful. He’ll probably just sell dope in order to pay for lunch. He’s no longer allowed friends over at the house either but he always makes Rory leave by the kitchen door so that’s no big deal either. I love that Jenn’s being firm with him but with troubled Theresa in the mix and Sami’s comment that Theresa reminds her of herself at that age should make for good drama coming up. Jenn’s going to need Daniel.

Nice to see Jeannie has a soft spot for Grandma Caroline, and she’s been seen only a few days. Interesting we’ve not seen any goodness come from JJ. Vote! Theresa is…

Justin, the hidden gem.
I love Justin being front and center, and his drama with Adrienne is very realistic. Is it safe to assume Stefano knows what EJ’s up to and is perhaps playing into his hands for some wicked entertainment? Face it; nobody can best Stefano at least not for long. Stefano still likely holds the key to William’s freedom!

Cecily sure is animated now. I don’t think I like or trust her which means they should show a bit of her protecting her man’s interest or working with EJ.

Poor Will. It was really sweet to see a father and son moment between Lucas and Will. It’s a shame Lucas isn’t around that often. Adrienne’s refusal to hear her son is only going to spell disaster for that mother and son duo and it won’t be Sonny’s fault!