Eeek! Scary birth scenes. Why isn't she ever nominated? (

These are the “DAYS” of my week for January 26-30!

Baby storylines aren’t my favorite. Baby switch storylines aren’t my favorite. Recycling, if it has to happen, should be fantastic. I don’t see these writers doing a better job than what was done with the Kristen/John/Susan baby switch storyline. Highlights of the week? Mia and Sami had baby girls, Daniel and Chloe had more sexual high jinks and Chloe started a mashed potato food fight.

About our baby switch storyline. Are you sad for Sami or is this a classic case of “What comes around goes around?” Do you want Ecole to have Sami’s baby?

We’ve had a lot of discussion in the boards regarding who Sami should be with, who she should bring up her kids with, so let’s take the vote!!

I find my interest lacking with all of the storylines. There is little that makes me giggle and more that annoys me, if I’m to be frank. Let’s get to it.

Sami, Sami, Sami
Before Sami gave birth, she was worried about Rafe so much that as usual, she almost risked her and her family’s security to go out looking for him. But that’s not all! Christians everywhere must be chomping at the bit to yell at the writers for having a nun A NUN lie for Sami. A nun! It was a comical abomination. My jaw dropped at this scene.

Then Nicole set the wheels in motion for Sami to see Dr. Baker for the baby’s birth. Oh! It’s just came out so contrived. It always does. Sami almost caught Nicole at the convent. Both Sami and Mia had their baby daughters at the exact same time, leading to their baby switch storyline. I thought Brookville Hospital was a hospital. I gather that was just my mistake. It’s a clinic. So that’s why Sami couldn’t have a cesarean section. They had no Operating Room! So shouldn’t they have shipped Sami to the nearest hospital just in case something was to go wrong? During all of this, both Rafe (who was fighting with “the killer”, and Sami, were having flashbacks of starting to care for each other. Obviously, since the writers want us to see this, it means something. A connection of some sort. What that is, we’ll see sorted out, soon. I still recall reading Dena Higley’s blog. She tells us Sami and EJ are “endgame”. So is she talking in terms of weeks, months or years? And one has to wonder… Sami did call Lucas, somebody who she does trust, to talk to, from the convent. She didn’t call EJ and she still acts as though she can’t stand EJ. How will that change?