Straying heart.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1994 when Lexi Carver had her eye on a man other than her husband, Abe…

Today, Lexi, sadly, is no longer with us, but back then she was alive and well and crushing on a man other than Abe…none other than his brother, Jonah. Yes, Lexi and Jonah definitely had feelings for one another. In fact, Jonah began a mission to clean up the streets of Salem after Lexi remarked on how dangerous they were. Once Lexi discovered what he was doing, she began to help and that led to her being fired from the Salem P.D. Lexi and Jonah managed to fight their feelings and stopped short of actually having an affair.

When Jonah was cleaning up the streets of Salem, there was a nickname given to him. Do you remember what Jonah was called?