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Deconstructing “DOOL” from June 17 – 21:

Admittedly, it’s been a surprise to see the show is still on a roll with another really good week of fine writing, loads of surprises, and no filler. Much to our delight, “Days of our Lives” won a Daytime Emmy for best show Sunday after 39 years.

Marlena and Adrienne’s great chemistry.
The writing for Marlena has been driving us all mad for months, but she made a comeback with Sami’s arrest, and we now see the woman she was before Kristen turned up in Salem. The catfight between Kristen and Nicole last week was fun but what a delicious bit of drama to behold, seeing an adult argument between two strong women standing their ground and protecting their own. This is the kind of family drama the show has been missing. It was difficult to take sides and in the end, I couldn’t. On one hand, Marlena eavesdropped on a private conversation between mother and son which was none of her business, but calling Adrienne out for attacking her family, especially Sami, like a good mama bear, was priceless. On the other hand, Adrienne presented facts. Sami – actually the Brady’s are known for having chaos and danger in their lives, but often it’s the DiMera’s fault! Still, Adrienne’s fiercely protective of Sonny and who can blame her? She’s right. Since Sonny and Will got together, he has had issue upon issue to overcome. At the same time, it’s his life, he’s an adult, he’s in love, and Will is not Sami. Adrienne must forget she’s part of the Kiriakis family, who used to be just as bad – okay, almost as bad as the DiMera’s!

Both women protecting their families made for good soapy drama with good arguments on both sides. Give us more of that.

Manning up.
Adrienne’s argument didn’t end with Marlena. It continued with Justin, and was incredibly refreshing to see the lawyer keep his cojones when generally the men of “Days” have none. Justin not only defended William, but told his wife she couldn’t dictate Sonny’s partners or his clients. Exactly! If she doesn’t figure this out soon, she could stand to lose them both.