In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, Soaps.com takes readers back to 1984 when Shane Donovan came to Salem…

Today, Stefano DiMera still has numerous people watching his every move. Back in 1984, Shane Donovan came to town specifically to monitor Stefano’s illegal business activities. He became embroiled in a search for prisms that Stefano wanted, and wound up traveling to England with Kimberly, Bo, and Hope in search of a terrorist called ‘Dragon’. During this time, Shane and Kim fell in love. Shockingly, while in England, they also found out Shane’s presumed-dead wife, Emma, was still alive and had been brainwashed by Stefano. Kim, who was by then experiencing bouts of blindness, backed away from the dashing, now-married, Shane.

When Shane first arrived in Salem, he posed undercover in order to observe Stefano without suspicion. Do you remember who Shane pretended to be when he first arrived?