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Deconstructing “DOOL” from June 10 – 14:

We were shocked by the shooting, rocked by John’s admission, felt the pain of the many faces being slapped all week, and are happy the show gave us another big storyline so soon after Sweeps. It was a pretty good week. Let’s break it down.

Who saw that coming?!
Sami shot Bernardi! We’ve been waiting for her to use that gun since Kate gifted it but none of us saw this coming. Kudos to “Days” for keeping this under wraps.

We know Sami didn’t know the man standing over Rafe with a knife was Bernardi, but that won’t hold up in court. If it comes out that she was running after Bernardi at the square a few weeks ago and someone saw her attack him in the park, it’s going to look worse than it already does. Unless like me, they were too busy watching that crazy dancing lady to notice. I digress. Sami being Sami, never thinks before she reacts but would we have done the same? Bernardi being one of Stefano’s goons is a halfwit. If he would have sliced rather than lifted his arm to stab, Sami might have put her gun back in that suitcase she calls a purse.

EJ once again displayed an extraordinary amount of jealousy. Did he prefer she let Rafe die or as he told Sami in front of Marlena, did he feel she did the right thing? It’s hard to tell which he really feels but it doesn’t seem as if he has anything to be jealous of. She’s in love with him and why wouldn’t she visit Rafe? She still cares for him and feels guilty about the state he’s in. Did anyone else notice Sonny and Will took the news of Sami shooting a cop rather well? They mostly just shook their head. Just another day in the life of Sami Brady.

Best line: “Don’t touch anything until the police come.” Could it be? Are forensics worse than the Salem police?

Questions: Who swiped the weapon? A cop or a paramedic? And did you imagine Stefano bronzing Rafe’s penis to keep as a souvenir? Ew.

I felt for Jennifer when she learned her son was a juvenile delinquent. Even though her parenting skills are spotty with JJ, it couldn’t have been easy to find out that a Horton spawn isn’t perfect. She’s lucky Daniel’s so understanding. It was fun to see Anne return as her mean old self, looking to take Jennifer down. Surprisingly it hasn’t gotten old.

If you were wondering why JJ always makes his friend Shaggy run out through the back door of the Horton homestead whenever someone arrives, the answer was pretty clear Friday during his ‘conversation’ with Abigail. And just how much ganja do these two smoke if they ran out of weed so fast after spending his whole summer allowance on it? Is there a weed shortage in Salem?