Love and loss.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1979 when Marlena Evans married Don Craig Sr…

Currently, Marlena is dealing with anger and heartbreak thanks to John Black, but back then, Marlena was happy and finally married her beau, Don Craig, after their earlier attempt to wed was interrupted by his daughter threatening to jump off a roof.

Don was a wealthy, successful attorney, whose dream of running for senate ended when he injured his leg and spine while intervening in his daughter’s aforementioned suicide attempt. Marlena stood by Don through a smear campaign and the injuries, and after their marriage on March 5, it wasn’t long before they learned they were expecting their first child. Unfortunately, their dreams of a happy family weren’t meant to be. The son they conceived together, Don Craig Jr., passed away, and Don later divorced Marlena.

Do you remember what happened to Don and Marlena’s son, Don Craig Jr?