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Deconstructing “DOOL” from June 3 – 7:

This week may have been short due to the French Open, but there wasn’t a shortage of things to poke a little fun at…

Stefano has it so bad for Kate, he’s so jealous that wants Bernardi to go to Rafe’s hospital room, while Rafe’s still in a coma, and “cut it off?” Is ‘it’ seriously Rafe’s willy? This isn’t new to soaps but it still garners the same shocking reaction! On “Passions,” Julian’s penis was cut off and a stoned Eve sewed it on… though backwards. Still, it’s hard to believe “Days” would go there. Oh the controversy! Hopefully Bernardi is caught before he does ‘the deed’. Ew.

Chad’s sexual innuendos.
Chad and his pompahawk were fun. He claimed he ‘forgot’ he and Abigail were going to “Whoopie World.” A theme park – not his bedroom. Then, he told Abby that he was sure he could find a dozen people who would love to ride “the wild tiger” in her place. While that sounds promising for Abigail if she decides to lose her virginity, the wild tiger was likely just a roller coaster. Loving their scenes but feeling bad for Cameron, who obviously sees that Abby’s attracted to Chad still.

There’s another sexual innuendo in the below dialogue that makes me smile.

Cameron: So, you’re going out with Chad?

Abigail: Out, yes. But not out, out.

Cameron: Wait, wait. So you’re going in, out? I…

The blame game.
Sami and Hope commiserated over being rotten mothers who ignore their kids. No sympathy from here except for the poor children. There’s a debate in the forums about who is to blame for Ciara hiding that prison release notice. There’s a list of those who can claim at least partial blame.

* Whoever got Jensen out on a technicality – could have been EJ.
* The cop dropped off the prison release letter and relied on a little kid to make sure her mum knew it was important.
* Hope is never around for her kid. She let another mother famous for ignoring her children look after Ciara.
* Bo has abandoned Ciara, which has meant she’s become desperate for crumbs of attention.
* Sami left Ciara alone.

* And finally, Ciara is to blame because she was a naughty girl.

Mothers in Salem…
In addition to Sami and Hope commiserating over being terrible mothers, suddenly Jennifer’s mothering skills have left a lot to be desired. Yeah…Jennifer of all people. She gave her delinquent son enough money to spend during the entire summer and even covered his books, so that he doesn’t have to get a job that could interfere with his grades, and then when he whines/lies about inflation being the reason he didn’t pay off Daniel, she hands him over more moola? Are you freaking kidding me? And she wonders why her kid’s messed up? She just gave the little user a false sense of entitlement, impulse control issues, a lack of boundaries, the list goes on.

Rory is kind of funny. Let’s see more of Rory the stoner!