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Deconstructing “DOOL” from May 27- 31:

Short week since “Days” was preempted Monday. The current storylines have wrapped up; the show was on fire mid-week, and we’re all wondering what comes next. Here are a few thoughts…

Kristen’s epiphany.
Kristen returned to Salem with revenge on the mind. She didn’t expect to fall in love and once again she was dumped practically at the altar when Brady learned she played him. Knowing she did this to herself didn’t detract from me feeling sorry for her… in between gales of laughter at her crawling around on her hands and knees…Eileen’s an acting goddess. Any bets on how quickly Kristen will become obsessed? spoke with Eileen Davidson today about Kristen. Find out what she says about what comes next!

Do you remember? This exact same scenario at the DiMera mansion played out between Stephanie Johnson and Nathan Horton in his apartment in January of 2011 when she too begged him not to leave her. Salem has a lot of desperate women.

What comes next for Jarlena?
Now that Brady has left Kristen, John somehow thinks Marlena will fall back into his arms. How cracked can this guy get? In addition to the many ways he has screwed up his relationship with her over the past several months, winding up in Kristen’s bed no matter what the reason is not going to get Doc falling all over herself to reunite. It’ll be interesting to see what the writers have John do in order to win her back – if he can.

A curiosity.
What time does Father Eric go to bed at night? He woke up after having a bout of insomnia and went over to the pub where he spoke with Johnny, a little kid whose bedtime hadn’t even come yet! Speaking of Johnny, it was cute and rather observant of the little tyke to note that Nicole looks at Eric the way she used to look at EJ. That whole scene in the rectory where Eric sort of asked (not really) Nicole about her feelings for him was rather strange. He didn’t even mention what Johnny said. Nic just jumped the gun and denied caring for him which is very telling. To us. Eric’s either dense or likes to dabble in denial himself. I like to think he’s in denial. He seemed to be a little off when Nicole told him she’d be at Brady’s beck and call for the time being. And we all know what that means. If Brady falls off the wagon, we’ll likely see a Bricole reunion.