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Deconstructing “DOOL” from May 20 – 24:

Not a bad week. Sweeps was upon us and “Days” didn’t disappoint. Friday’s cliffhanger was fantastic.

Stefano’s jealousy.
Stefano knows Kate and Rafe were an item and now has RicardBo following her in order to keep tabs on how much time she spends at Rafe’s bedside, I guess. He smashed one of his prize cigars when RicardBo told him Kate was visiting Rafe and then ran over there to eavesdrop on her telling Rafe what a perfect lover he is. Stefano had to shove his fist into his mouth to keep from a) throwing up b) laughing or c) screaming. Obviously he’s intolerably jealous but for what reason?

He knows he made a mistake dumping her and is still in love with her?
He’s raging that her lover is no other than Rafe, a man he loathes?
Though he doesn’t want her, he doesn’t want anyone else to have her either?

What do you think? Vote on what Stefano’s thinking!

If he’s still in love with her, do you think he’s too late to do anything about it? If Kate’s in love with Rafe, Stefano could be out of the picture for good.

Summer triangle.
Abby and Chad are quite playful together, and seem to have a lot in common while she doesn’t seem to be able to be herself as much with Cameron. He’s more serious and somewhat of a fuddy duddy. It’s pretty clear who she should be with if only so the audience doesn’t become bored.

The kid needed some weed after talking to Dannifer. Oh the irony. At least Abs is pretty understanding about his woes. Jenn was right. She should have brought him to Salem when Jack died. Should have, could have… meaningless words, really. She was in mourning and as she said, JJ loved boarding school. All she can do now is be there for him and help him cope. And he needs to stop being a big baby and breaking Daniel and Parker’s sh…tuff.

Who gets high and vandalizes? Usually those high on weed are in a state of relaxed bliss.

“You smug son of a bitch.”
Hurling insults at each other sure seems to get EJ and Samanther off. Whatever floats your boat, eh? After being inundated with people who think – or – thought that EJ was involved in Rafe’s beating, Samanther finally asked EJ if he did it. While it’s not the sweetest question ever asked, EJ is a DiMera and not three months ago, he was offering to get rid of Nick Fallon, so EJ’s ‘hurt’ over Sami’s allegations that he was behind Rafe’s attack, genuine or not, doesn’t dispute that the questioning isn’t far-fetched. And EJ knows it. Justin knows it. EJ’s fun when he’s devious and though we now know Jensen was Rafe’s attacker, could EJ have been the one who got him out of prison on a technicality? It’d be just like him to do this. He does hate Rafe and Nick, and he and Jensen did give each other that lingering look at the hospital before EJ followed him into another room. Could EJ’s plan have been to get Jensen to kill two birds with one stone? Is this story really over?

Random thought: Hope’s a machine. She killed Jensen and didn’t even look back. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.