Mind-altering experience.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, Soaps.com takes readers back to 1998 when Stefano DiMera needed to exert control over Vivian Alamain…

Currently, Stefano has his eye on Kate’s activities with Rafe, but back then, it was Vivian who was his target. In a bid to regain her fortune, a broke Vivian Alamain hatched a plot to marry an elderly man named Jonesy. He appeared to have nothing to speak of to his name, however Vivian discovered he had art treasures seemingly worth millions stashed in a townhouse. Unknown to Vivian, the lucrative art collection was put into Jonesy’s name by Stefano DiMera, who needed to protect himself because it was stolen. When Jonesy passed away, Vivian was thrilled with her inheritance as his widow.

Determined to get back what he viewed as rightfully his, Stefano had Dr. Rolf implant a chip in Vivian’s tooth that made her behavior emotional and erratic. Stefano then married Vivian as part of his plan, and continued to control her moods. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as Stefano hoped. The implant in Vivian’s tooth was found and she went after his shares in Titan as revenge.

Do you remember how the tooth implant was discovered?